Feelin The Road was a song that I wrote because I was getting tired. Chasing a dream isn’t easy for anyone. Nothing happens quickly, no matter how bad you want it to. Truth is that some dreams can only be achieved through a lifetime of dreaming. “All of my beats all of my batteries, all my defeats all my long lost goals, all of my concedes and my shatterings, all my confessions and my darkened shadows, oh I’m feelin the road.” You get beat up, shoved down, discouraged, redirected, defeated over and over again, everything your chasing seems so far away. You have great shows, and horrible shows, good shows and bad shows. People listen or they don’t, they like your songs or they don’t. At some point you feel like your gaining, just to be shown you were slipping the entire time. You have hurts, pains, struggles, but, you also have just enough to keep going. For every ocean of discouragement there is a thimble of hope. You realize that life is so much more than just following a dream. You have to follow life itself, in many ways, the dream is your love of hope.

The more I realize that, the more I realize what it is that I truly dream of. When a dream is planted, and in my case the dream of music was planted years ago, even before I picked up a guitar, it takes root. You follow it because you have to, it becomes a guide of sorts, but all the while teaching you other things as well. Things about life, about love, about heartache and joy, about perseverance and failure, weakness and strength. For me, following my dream definitely led me to Jesus, to a love for life itself. I am not the only dreamer in this world, in many ways I think we are all dreamers, what we plan for, what we desire, what we want. This makes me believe that the life within us is a dreamer as well, but so much deeper than we could really ever imagine.

Still, here I am, following my dream, my path, my road, just as you are. You will never know what I’ve put into all of this, just as I will never know what you have. I have had many dreams in this world and most of them have not come to life the way I had hoped, but they definitely led me to hope itself and in many ways that is what this song is about. The road to hope is full of pain and suffering, thats just the way it is, for everyone, whether you feel it yet or not. Feelin The Road is an expression of that road.

This is just a super raw acoustic demo, but in my head I hear a very big sound for this song, especially as it builds towards the end. I really like dynamic songs, songs that build and build and explode, then come all the way back down. A great song takes you on a journey in a very short period of time. Ideally the lyrics are enough to express that journey, but with songs the music lends to it in an incredibly impactful way. As a songwriter I tend to hear things in the songs that most people may not, thats why a lot of songwriters are also producers. I wouldnt say that all songwriters are producers, but I would certainly say that all producers are songwriters, because they are writing pieces of music in the song. The drum line is written, the lead instruments are written, even the chord structure and melodies are written. Lyrics are not the only things that are written in a song. The reason people tend to like acoustic versions a lot is because they get to fill in the blanks with the music that is in their own head, in their own heart, with what they hear as a listener. If you really listen you can hear so much more, and that’s a great thing. So again, this is a very raw acoustic demo. Enjoy!

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All of my friends all of my families
We all represent just one soul
All of the people that Ive ever or never met
We all represent just one soul, we represent just one soul

Oh I’m feelin the road, you know this road has taken a toll
and Im feelin the road, now in this song
its not just a glamorous show, but an ever winding road unfolds
and I’m feelin the road now in this song, now in this song

All of my beats all of my batteries
all my defeats all my long lost goals
all of my concedes and my shatterings
all my confessions and my darkened shadows

Repeat Chorus