The Show was written after a friend of mine was brainstorming an idea to me, “How many songs will it take, will you ever get them to say what you need them to anyway?” That one line sparked a whole song. It was about 10 years ago, when I came back from Kuwait and I was visiting old friends in Houston.  Tim Nowicke is a friend of mine and fellow musician/songwriter, and just an all around great guy who runs a music business in town and a huge venue called White Oak Music Hall.  When I met him we were both going to school in Pasadena and studying audio engineering.  He is a veteran also and we became what I would call very good friends.  I could literally write an entire book about our relationship ha, but this is about The Show.

So as I said, he actually wrote the first line of the song, so, technically, this is a co write!  Probably my only one as of now.  His line just hit home hard for me and I spun a whole song around it.  I wanted to make sense of that line and this song is really just me coming to the truth about what all this song chasing and show playing really is.  The next line of the song is “So what the hell am I doing now, I’m drying up and I’m bleeding out, I’m getting tired and running out of steam…”  I toyed with the line, “Im getting tired of running down this dream.”  but in the end, I liked the steam line better, thought it was a bit more original.  After that the song just sprang together, albeit not entirely.

I sat on it for awhile cause I knew it needed a bridge, but I didn’t really know where to put the bridge.  Thats what makes the structure of this song so interesting, the bridge actually comes right after the first chorus, usually they come later in the song.  As you know, I love bridges, and I needed this bridge to really take it home… to really express what this hunt for a great song and music is and why it means so much to me.  Bridges are like that, they are like the kiss before the sex!  This line was perfect, “just let it out and let the music flow, keep it simple and stay true, and let those haters stare and throw their stones, could not get out now even if I wanted to.”

You will see this song is pretty clear in what these performances mean for any songwriter.  Performances for performers are about the performance, but for songwriters they are about hearing and sharing the song itself.  Because I’m the only one at the moment who will sing them, I do, but I would so much rather someone else sing them and let me enjoy listening.  For me, that is what I’ve wanted for so long.  More about why that is in later letters.  

The Show that you attend is so much more than just listening to someone sing… if a songwriter is sharing a song with you he/she is sharing their soul, their heart.  They are giving you something so sacred to them and what makes it so special for the listeners is that every song is original.  Only that writer can give it to you, many can sing it and record it and play it, but only the writer can give it.  I say that with as much humbleness as I have in hopes that you guys develop a stronger connection with songwriters so that you can get the greater things that they have to give.  I know for me, I literally hear a writers soul and I absolutely love it, whether its considered good or not.  I feel their vulnerability and their courage, their fear, their hope, and their love.  It is a beautiful thing.  Not everyone really listens, and fewer actually hear… I suspect because your getting these letters, that you are both!

Whats more beautiful is the listener though, the ones that get what they are being given, without hate without envy… just pure enjoyment and deep profound connection to another human being.  I know I get deep in these letters but thats why i write songs, so that I can try to do it there without typing so much ha…  Understand that one of the things that makes a song great is the listener… it could be that the listener is actually greater, as it takes humbleness to really appreciate a song.  I had this revelation when I was listening to Fix You from Coldplay.  I realized that id never write a song that great, and it was a deflating type feeling, but when that truth hits, another one does as well… that the listener is what makes the song really great… one love…

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How many songs will it take, will I ever get them to say, what I need them to anyway
So what the hell am I doing now, Im drying up and I’m bleeding out
Im getting tired and running out of steam

But its wrapped around and it won’t let go, seems like I am always in the flow
just another joe on a music road
Now I’m sitting down with it all around see I got to lay these feelings down
before I let em go, just so I know, this is the game, this is the show

Just let it out and let the music flow, keep it simple and stay true
and let those haters stare and throw their stones
could not get out now even if I wanted to …. guitar

I know its just this little song, I know its just this little sing along
a little smiles and carrying on, it seems
but its just so much more to me
my soul cries and my heart bleeds
my hands are callousing and I’m seen

on top of that Ive gotta play
the right thing in a damn good way
this aint no place for the faint…

But its wrapped around