We all have a liar in us. Some of us are big perpetual liars, some not, but all of us are indeed liars. I wanted to write something that expressed an affection of sorts for this part of who we are. Sometimes we say things we don’t mean or do something that is just totally out of character for us. There are times when it feels as if I myself am not actually wanting to say or do these things, yet something is still orchestrating the entire circumstance. You hear people say, “I was not myself” or “I absolutely did not mean that” or whatever we use to justify our deception. I hope the song is enough to provoke a deeper thought on this truth. Sort of ironic that a great truth in this world is that we all have a liar in us. A great line in this song, for me anyway, is in the bridge, “No one knows you like I do, No one knows you like me, no one knows you like I do, this liar In me.” This phenomenon of who we are is so fascinating to me, it makes me believe that we are not really in control of anything… that we are as we are made to be and we do as we are designed to do… now this is scary for some people as we don’t relinquish control easily but sometimes you just get thrown into the fray and lose all control anyway, so why not explore the possibility of this truth? Does this sound familiar to you? One day I will hear this song the way I do in my head, till then the Ryde continues…

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I have defended you when I knew it was a lie
I have stood next to you when there was no one on your side
I have given you up for a slice of what is right
You just betray me so many times
I don’t know your name, but I can feel your inside
You move about by the will of my stubborn pride
I know your taking orders from somewhere out in the hide
You live with me, day and night.
im on my knees and im prayin through the filth
for everything i have said and done
its all for the liar in me
you must be something special you must be something bright
though i may not understand you doesnt mean that you dont shine
even though you try to trap me
i can feel you cross the line
you are not me
im on my knees and im prayin through the filth
everything i have said and done
all for the liar thats in me
no one knows you like i do
no one knows you like me
no one know you like i do
this liar in me!