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Ive had a time since The Christmas Tapes, and once again I’ve learned from making it. I really wanted to go down to Houston to do some real production, but life is funny isn’t it? I ran into Covid issues down there and others as well and I hope I haven’t upset a friend. I left Houston after only being there for 4 days and drove to Florida. My goal has still been to try and get podcasts out to you and I did record over 20 of them but haven’t released them yet. I think they’re cool but that’s not the cool part.

During the making of the podcasts I found myself starting to write new songs, although I wasn’t able to finish most of them, I did finish one. During the recording of the 17th Rydercast Podcast, I wrote a song called Weight Of The World. I was in a very dark place guys, some of you Ryders already knew that, but then again, the entire world is dealing with a lot right now. Humility is a gift but it isn’t an easy one to accept. We all want to be “somebody”. Im not sure if im growing in humility, but I do know that I am learning. The point of humility is to stand, to be innocent and shrewd. You all know my struggle with being the songwriter that I am, but most of you will never know the work that is required (time, money, and energy) because I have always worked alone, and because life gets in the way all the time it seems.

I recorded hours and hours of podcasts which takes 4 times as many hours to record and mix, and I still had to survive and God willing, grow in spirit. Enough to cut through and bring the world, myself, and my awesome Ryders this one song. It is in the hip hop vein actually and it says so much of what I wanted to say. Now the world may never hear it, but if you are reading this, you probably will. I have so much to say it seems, but id rather put all my efforts into songs because they are simple and powerful and I can leave them behind easier, hopefully.

Musicians and songwriters these days have to do everything, just to be what we are, its just the way it is. We have to embrace humility and the heat of the world for being unsuccessful or for having a lazy work ethic. Ive been on the cutting edge of that for years. So much that I just don’t care about being poor anymore and I’ve actually found value in it because I have and want less. We have to write songs, which isn’t easy. We have to play, record, mix, master, market, and perform, mostly for free. But again, its just what we are. This is not about doing what I love, as so many people have said, this is about being what I am. I thank you Ryders from the bottom of my heart because you know and care so much more than most… you help keep me going…

I left Colorado in Nov, drove to Indiana for christmas at moms, then drove to Houston for production that didn’t happen, then drove to Flordia, stayed in Fl for over a month, wrote some songs and podcasts and had a family gathering, then drove to Oklahoma and now im leaving back to Colorado. A lot has happened in the world since then.

Anyway, I told you I was gonna try to be architectural in getting more songs to you, but also told you this wasn’t going to happen over night. Thank you for your patience. I really love this song and Ive listened to it over a thousand times already, and now im giving to you. PLEASE DONT SHARE IT YET, but you can comment if you feel the need or want on facebook or youtube.