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There is just so much that I cant share with you on Social Media. Sites like Facebook
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When you Join The Ryde you help me get my songs to you. For wanting to do that, I
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My last EP, “The Spark” was recorded in Denver, CO in 2016. It was produced by me
and Pete DeBoer who worked with Creed. My dad, who is now passed, helped me
make it by matching everything I put into it. It was hours and hours and hours of studio
time. It was recorded with real instruments… real drums, real amps, real guitars, real
vocals, no digital sounds at all and no autotune, and we mixed everything down to TAPE
for a very warm sound, especially on good speakers and headphones. I wanted to
make a record that I could be proud of, and I learned a lot from making it, all of which I
will apply to my next one!!! The Ryders will be a part of that journey as well!
Your probably wondering how I am going to get all my songs to you that I have written
about already? Believe me when I say it wasn’t easy coming up with that “SECRET
FORMULA”… but I only reveal it to The Ryders so that those who are not Ryders yet
may want to become one! Upon your first email, after confirmation, you will have that
formula, and therefore access to all the songs I write about in my blog! Hint, you will get
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I write new songs quite a bit and sometimes I share those even when they are not finished. I also reach out to the Ryders from time to time on my “Random Ryder Reach-
outs”! Truth is, I know my Ryders by name and then some!


You also get notified when I am going LIVE!! As a songwriter, my live shows are usually
completely original. I may throw in a cover from time to time, but I am always coming
up with ways to improve my LIVE stream sets! Usually its just me and you hanging out
together and playing original songs!

You’re probably wondering why I would giving all this to the Ryders, but the simple truth is
that they really do just mean that much to me. As I grow as an artist, the Ryders grow
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